How I backslided (True life story) 

“I had found Christ in my early years, as a teen still in high school. I was very zealous in my commitments to Christ. My parents were not really Christians so, they never taught me nor my siblings about Christ neither did they restrict me. 

I’d talk about Christ at every opportunity I got. My younger sibling often laughed and mocked at me, but I wasn’t discouraged. My mates at school also mocked me for my “holy attitude” and also for my celibracy. When I gained admission into the University, I was appointed secretary at the student fellowship where I worshipped. Where I was incharge of writing and sending invites through letters to various ministers. I was sure I living out God’s plan for me. But, often times our philosophy lecturer would come into class to counter God’s word, which I knew in my heart was right. He would come into class saying, man was a product of evolution, and he’ll question the existence of God and the trinity. He’ll present his facts with documentaries and proofs which over time, started to make sense to a confused me at that point. I also met certain people who had a great influence on my faith; The first was Sister Judith, she was a beautiful young lady, very committed to doing God’s work. 

I envied her zeal, willingness and love for God. Then I’d say to God to make my faith as strong as hers. She never missed fellowship meetings, as she was often the first to arrive most times. But on a certain day, she wasn’t present at fellowship. When I noticed it, I wondered in my heart what could be wrong. On my way back from church that day, I came accross Sister Judith, dressed in a very irresponsible manner, her looks, the way she wore her hair, the type of jewelry she had on, everything was totally different… It then occured to me what had happened. Sister Judith’s backsliding pained me deeply and again the faith of a confused me, was shaken. Also there was this other Sister, who also was very zealous in God’s work. Everyone knew her to be a Christian, because she never failed to live it out. But every end of semester, when she’d check her result, it was always really bad. Most times she’d have all F’s…. This Sister’s academic failure filled my heart with doubts. It didn’t take long before my commitment and zeal in serving God, took a slip backwards. I stopped attending fellowship meetings, I got into alcoholism and womanizing. I cut myself off from my now former fellowship members. Some of my friends who used to know me to be a Christian, teased me. I got so into the world, did all things evil, including drugs. I went on living my life that way. I graduated from the higher institution and got a job where I had schooled, as a partime lecturer. I had become an adult but I was still living in sin. Until one day while I sat in front of my condo (as a partime lecturer I was entitled to shelter from the school authorities), when some Christian brethen came to invite people who resided with me in the same building, for a church program, which was going to start in about an hour time. Amongst their midst I spotted two beautiful girls with two other guys. I stopped them (after they had called who they came to invite) on their way out, and asked why they couldn’t stop by my condo to invite me (I teased the girls). They answered saying they were sorry, and that I was invited. I laughed and said that wasn’t the type of invite I wanted, and asked them to come into my condo like they did to the other person they came to invite (still refering to the girls). Then one of the guys voluntereed to come in and wait for me to get ready for the service. I told him I wasn’t refering to him but he insisted and asked the other members to go, while he waited. I was confused and wasn’t sure how I’d get out of attending the service that day. I hesitated and refused to follow him to church but, he was persistent and went on preaching about things I’d once believed. And the way he spoke to me, it was like we had met before or like he really knew me. After that day he never stopped visiting and preaching, until he successfully talked me into attending his church service. It wasn’t long before I rededicated my life to Christ. It wasn’t easy getting rid of the bad habits and addiction. I had lost and wasted all those years living an unfulfilled life. The unending joy and zeal to serve God filled my heart once again. After a few months of serving God faithfully, he rewarded me with a new job in a neighbouring state as a full time lecturer with accomodation. I also got chosen to manage a new branch of the ministry I worshipped. God has been so faithful to me. And as at right now, I’m happily married with four kids. And I have only one regret, I wish I had never backslided. But in all I’m greatful to God for my life.”

I was so touched when one of my lecturers told this his story to me and I decided to share it with everyone. (Sorry if I wasn’t being too specific with names and dates, it’s just to maintain anonymity). This story really made me understand what the bible says in Jeremiah 3:22 “Return you backsliding children, and I’ll heal your backslidings. Indeed we do come unto you for you are the Lord our God.” God loves everyone and his plan for us all is to live according to his will. So if any one of us deviates from his will, we shouldn’t feel we can’t turn back to God. For no matter deep we are into that sin, he can forgive us, all we need to do is ask and never go back to that sin. And if in any way you have backslided, God wants you back. We as Christians have a duty to call those falling out of Christ back to him. Also to non-christians, God loves everyone and he wants you to live in his grace. Contact me please if you wish to accept Christ or need help getting back to him, so I can pray with you.

Live free, Live victorious and Stay cool with Christ. God bless you. 


Author: Princess

Greatest lover of Christ and growing in the spirit.

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